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Jun. 17th, 2011 | 10:21 am
location: AUT Library
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So its been a long time since I last post on this, but I want to get something out and this seems the great place to do it. Although I wanted to add first my last few posts made me sad when I have just read them. I was thinking my last couple of years have been hard but at least I have been happy but now maybe I wasn't? Now I know I am... well most of the time, Bennet is just the sweetest. But I am missing my parents and family a lot and I do question if it was the right choice moving up to Auckland. Its scary to think I don't know how long my degree will be now and how much debt  I will be in by the end. I can't back up now.

Anyway what I was originally here to say.

I had an exam yesterday, for my hardest subject Fundamentals of Networking. I was very stressed, I didn't think I had done enough study and thought I was under prepared but I grinned and bared the ride to AUT. When I finished the exam I came out with a  huge sigh of relief. It wasn't that bad... could even go as far to say I found it easy. Although I am not expecting an A in this subject... probably more of a B-/C+.  And since I have already done three of my exams so far and found the other two just as easy I became to question, why didn't I do well in my first year at university? 

I know the main reason is I was way under prepared for what university was going to throw at me. Why was I under prepared? I believe it was a combination of NCEA and the High School I went to, even though Karamu High wasn't a terrible school, they just didn't push everyone to do the best that they could. NCEA on the other hand is a terrible schooling system. It baby's students, not push them to do the best they can. I didn't know failure until 2008 when I got D E E for the three subjects I took. Even now looking at those marks make me well up inside, and the second trimester wasn't much better B- E E. It is so hard for me to admit my failing of my first year, and even the fact that cross crediting didn't go as planned I feel my two years at EIT was wasted as well, although I know I learn valuable skills and maybe they are the reason why I am doing well now.

Our country, New Zealand, has become so PC. "Putting that much stress on teenagers who life is so difficult already will harm them." That is bullshit. I believe if I had failed at some point at high school, actually failed not the whole "Not Achieved" business I would of been more prepared for failing, if I still had of, in my first year at Victoria. Also NCEA system does not parallel  to how universities in general work. You don't even know weather you passed a subject in NCEA, you can assume, but its no like I can say in year 13 I got an overall of an Achieved in English, Merit in History etc. Also seeing assignments/exams don't have a % towards an end grade, I didn't really understand that system in my first year.

I could go into what I wish I had done differently. But even though 2008 was a big FAIL on my behalf. I did learn a lot that year. Life skills and how to look after one self. And when I think about the E's of that year and start to get that twisted stomach I just think about how much I loved and still love Wellington and I was so glad I got an opportunity to live there.

This was really meant to be a positive entry... guess when thoughts run out onto the finger tips sometimes its just a little difficult to control.

I should go.  :)

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I'm Back

Jul. 26th, 2007 | 06:59 pm
location: My Bedroom [now the computer room]
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Hello, *shrugs*. I don't know what stopped me coming onto LiveJournal? Maybe because the years been sooo busy? Maybe.. I don't know. So how am I? Well yeah I am okay, I feel a little bit sad. Long story about my boyfriend and I. (Yes me got a boyfriend, almost 10 months. WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!!) Hehe but yeah I don't know what to say. Just hes been spending time with this other girl, named Rachel, and I just.. it just hurts. I mean I am meting up with him tomorrow so he had to cancel his meting with her. But doesn't he know I always met him on a Friday? Ah I am silly. Very silly. :( Anyway I have band soon, and thats always depressing..
See ya,

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Apr. 21st, 2006 | 01:27 pm
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Hey Deanne, it's me, Laura. You're watching that program in english so I am sulking and I just realised your homepage is your livejournal which I think is pretty cool.

Well, you're reading this message now so yeah, keep it up!!

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Quiz Thingy

Apr. 18th, 2006 | 11:31 pm
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Comment and answer these questions anonymously. I will then try to guess who you are based on your answers. If I am correct, respond and let me know.

1. Favourite colour:
2. Favourite artist at the moment:
3. Last letter of crush's name:
4. How would you describe yourself to a stranger:
5. How would you describe me to a stranger:
6. List 5 things (objects, people, places) that your favourite memory with me includes:
7. If I was a mute, what is one thing you would want to say to me that you knew I could never reply to:
8. What career would you love to have:
9. What career do you think I should have:
10. If you were a member of the opposite sex, what name would you want:
11. If I were a member of the opposite sex, what name should I have:

Then copy and paste this in your journal and I will do the same for you.

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Mar. 25th, 2006 | 03:32 pm
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Add me and leave a comment to become my friend

Welcome to my journal. As it says above it is friend's only. So if you would like to read about me please add me and leave a comment, and I may do the same to you.

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